Lifetite Metal Products


LIFETITE keeps a well stocked “Accessories Inventory” for all your Metal Roofing & Metal Siding installation needs.

Lifetite Accessories

Metal roofing accessories are very important components for a permanent, long lasting installation.  Premium fasteners with corrosive resistant characteristics and EPDM fitted washers along with butyl tape & caulk sealants and strategically placed closures ensure a water-tight system.

Moisture barriers, insulation and reflective shielding are additional materials that add protection, energy conservation and underlying enhancements to your beautiful metal roof system.

Panel clips, gutter hangers, pipe flashing boots, profile versa vents, furring strips, under-layments, snow guards, bits, blades, roof anchors, rivets, hand tools, safety equipment and other Accessories are available at LifeTite Metal Products for a full metal roofing installations that should last for a lifetime.

LIFETITE “in stock” Accessories Include

LifeTite General Stock Items

Foam Closures

  • Inside
  • Outside

Em-Seal AST Hi-Acrylic – Roll

Grade 3 Furring Strips (1" x 3" x 8 ft)

Sheeting Board (1" x 9 1/2" x 16 ft)

Snow Guards

S5 Roof Clamps


  • 15#
  • 30#

Profile Vent

  • 3/4" high rib 50 ft
  • (low profile) 3'
  • (standing seam) 16'

Tri-Flex 30


  • 21" X 8¾’

Weather-lock – Roll

Call Belington (304) 823-3771 / Kenna (304) 786-8012/ Mt. Hope  (304) 877-5702 for in stock items and quantities.