Company History

In the 1990’s Mr. Christian observed an early trend associated with construction innovations and new technologies in metal roofing and siding.  Having been a major player in commercial and industrial restoration market for the last three decades Mr. Christian realized that a natural synergy existed, and could evolve into a metal roll-forming and sheet metal fabrication business that would complement and supplement his existing restoration and new construction business operations.

In 2001 LifeTite Metal Products was conceptualized and introduced as a new division in the Christian family of privately held businesses.

The substantial benefits of metal roofing & siding as a result of: technologically advanced steel compositions such as Galvalume® steel, high emissivity painted coil applications & energy conservation as well as known characteristics of: durability, wear-ability, longevity, sustainability, aesthetic panel profiles and 100% recyclability all would play prominent roles in the exponential growth of this industry in the early decades of the 21st century.

As a result of Mr. Christian’s vision and determination to diversify into the manufacturing business he and his dedicated staff of associates have enjoyed a very successful growth path as a result of the par excellent service and manufacturer direct delivery to satisfied contractors and private owners alike.

LifeTite Metal Products focus on producing competitively-priced, premium quality products, and executing superior delivery service to its customers have culminated to propel the company into one of a preferred regional suppliers of metal roofing & siding.

LifeTite Metal Products today is a major regional manufacturer and supplier of premium roll-formed and fabricated metal roofing & siding serving the residential, light commercial, industrial & warehousing, agriculture and post & beam markets.  Additionally, LifeTite supplements associated divisional partners with metal roofing & siding materials and components that enhance the efficiency of their operations and timely delivery to customers.

LifeTite Metal Products now operates a 30,000 s.f. and 50,000 s.f. manufacturing facilities in Kenna, W.V. and a 50,000 s.f. facility in Belington, W.V.  A third manufacturing facility was opened in early 2018 in the Southern W.V. corridor to serve this growing area.

For more information on LifeTite Metal Products call Mr. Steve Koepsel at 304-786-8013.  Mr. Koepsel is Managing Director of all corporate divisions and one of the early influential leaders retained by Mr. Christian to grow LifeTite into the prominent and respected enterprise that is has become today.

About Mr. Gary Christian

Growing up in coal field country in Boone County West Virginia was no easy task during the 1950’s and 1960’s. The work was dangerous and compensation disproportionate to the risk.  Employment outside of coal mining was limited.  For some, like Mr. Christians father, he was fortune enough to operate a small business.  Mr. Christian was able to watch his father perform his duties in the functioning of an equipment repair enterprise to provide for his family.  Observing the operation of a small business first hand was both intriguing and inspirational to the young Mr. Christian.

From an early age Mr. Christian was an independent thinker.  This character in concert with watching his dad restore broken machinery led the younger Mr. Christian into a number of creative business opportunities.

With an introduction to entrepreneurship Mr. Christian chose to enter the United States Navy where he would serve, perform operations in a naval vessel engine room and travel the world.

The Navy provided an environment that reinforced the ethics and values of hard work that his parents displayed.  And the regimented structure, discipline and organizational demands within the enlisted ranks would later become valuable resources that Mr. Christian would draw from in his personal growth and success as a business entrepreneur.

Following his honorable service, Mr. Christian went to work at National Roof Coaters in St. Albans, WV.  He worked for National Roof for approximately ten years, learning all facets of business operations while expanding his roles and responsibilities within the organization. 

In the late 1980’s, Mr. Christian set out on his own, into the world of commercial metal roof restoration, with limited resources, but a passion for business entrepreneurship, an intransigent initiative and a cogent vision to provide an enhanced service to an underrepresented contingent of metal building owners.

Shortly thereafter Mr. Christian created a start-up metal building & roofing restoration company, and over a span of a dozen years developed the organization into one of the premier metal roof restoration companies in the country.  Subsequently, Mr. Christian received several State of West Virginia sanctioned awards, honoring him for his entrepreneurial success.  The well-deserved awards & recognition were a culmination and combination of events exemplified by his: passion to deliver a premium service, initiative to change the status quo, dedication to customers and employees alike, attention to detail, personal work ethic and leadership by example.  These qualities and characteristics have always been prominent throughout his business journey.

In the mid 1990’s, Mr. Christian returned to some well-known roots and purchased National Roof Coaters, the same company where he began his pursuit in the professional business world several decades earlier.

Mr. Christian would subsequently go on to start up several other successful enterprises involving new construction, metal roll forming and fabrication, manufactured portable, insulated, metal buildings and a real estate development entity.

Mr. Christian’s businesses would shortly thereafter out grow the manufacturing, warehousing and office space available.  In 2004, he developed an industrial business park in Kenna, WV for relocation of his businesses where they would have space to expand and innovate.  Today Mr. Christian’s business divisions reside at the Kenna, WV Business Park in newly constructed facilities.