Lifetite Metal Products


LIFETITE keeps a well stocked “Tool Inventory” for all your Metal Roofing & Metal Siding installation needs.

lifetite metal tools

Metal roofing tools are very important to the trade and the craftsmen that use them to provide an aesthetically beautiful and water-tight system.

Tools such as Turbo-shears, hand snips, tape measures, caulk guns, bits, blades, roof anchors, rivets, hand tools, safety equipment and other many other tools that make the project installation easier and more efficient; are available at LifeTite Metal Products.

LIFETITE “in stock” Tools Include

  • Turbo-shears
  • Hand snips
  • Tape Measures – many sizes
  • Hammers – many sizes
  • Driver Bits
  • Caulk Guns
  • Standard Bits – many sizes
  • Utility Blades
  • Chalk lines
  • Levels
  • Squares
  • Speed Squares
  • Paint Brushes – many sizes
  • Claw Hammers – many sizes
  • Crowbars – many sizes
  • Ratchet Straps (large & small)
  • Extension Cords (heavy duty)
  • Roof Anchors
  • Safety Equipment

Call Belington (304) 823-3771 / Kenna (304) 786-8012/ Mt. Hope  (304) 877-5702 for in stock items and quantities.