Metal Trim

Metal roofing & metal siding trims are very important components for a permanent, long lasting installation.  High quality roll-formed or custom fabricated trim, in matching colors for roof & wall panels, majestically complete the building envelope that encompasses your home, place of business or agriculture structure.

LifeTite Metal Products keeps a large stock of trim inventory, in a variety of colors, configurations, lengths and profiles for a quick and efficient turn time to contractors, homeowners and businesses working under a schedule.

Premium trim components add accent, weather-tightness and rodent / insect resistant enhancements to your beautiful metal roof & wall systems.

A bevy of trim materials are available at the LifeTite Metal Product facilities for full metal roofing & siding installations.  Visit us at our Kenna, Belington, or Mt. Hope manufacturing facilities and see for yourself.


Classic Ag Panel

Angle Trim
Angle Trim technical
Angle Trim 3d
Cannonball technical
Cannonball 3d
CI Rake & Gable Trim
CI Rake & Gable Trim technical
CI Rake & Gable Trim 3d
Door Post Trim (Fascia) 5.5
Door Post Trim (Fascia) 5.5 technical
Door Post Trim (Fascia) 5.5 3d
Door Post Trim (Fascia) 7.5
Door Post Trim (Fascia) 7.5 technical
Door Post Trim (Fascia) 7.5 3d
Double Angle
Double Angle technical
Double Angle 3d
Drip Cap
Drip Cap technical
Drip Cap 3d
Drip Edge
Drip Edge technical
Drip Edge 3d
Gambriel Roof Joint
Gambriel Roof Joint technical
Gambriel Roof Joint 3d
Inside Corner
Inside Corner technical
Inside Corner 3d
J Channel
J Channel technical
J Channel 3d
Rake and Corner
Rake and Corner technical
Rake and Corner 3d
Rat Guard
Rat Guard technical
Rat Guard 3d
Side Wall Flashing
Side Wall Flashing technical
Side Wall Flashing 3d
Snow Guard
Snow Guard technical
Snow Guard 3d
Universal End Wall Flashing Transition
Universal End Wall Flashing Transition technical
Universal End Wall Flashing Transition 3d
Universal Ridge Cap
Universal Ridge Cap technical
Universal Ridge Cap 3d
W-Valley technical
W-Valley 3d
Water Diverter
Water Diverter technical
Water Diverter 3d

Architectural Standing Seam Panels

Drip Cleat
Drip Cleat technical
Drip Cleat 3d
End Wall
End Wall dimensional
End Wall 3d
Offset Cleat for Valleys
Offset Cleat for Valleys technical
Offset Cleat for Valleys 3d
Rake Trim
Rake Trim technical
Rake Trim 3d
Ridge Cap
Ridge Cap technical
Ridge Cap 3d
Ridge Cap Open
Ridge Cap Open technical
Ridge Cap Open 3d
Sidewall technical
Sidewall 3d
Z Closure
Z Closure technical
Z Closure 3d

R-Panel Trim

R-Panel Endwall
R-Panel Endwall technical
R-Panel Endwall 3d
R-Panel Gutter
R-Panel Gutter technical
R-Panel Gutter 3d
R-Panel Gutter Strap
R-Panel Gutter Strap technical
R-Panel Gutter Strap 3d
R-Panel Gutter Trim
R-Panel Gutter Trim technical
R-Panel Gutter Trim 3d
R-Panel Inside Corner
R-Panel Inside Corner technical
R-Panel Inside Corner 3d
R-Panel J-Channel
R-Panel J-Channel technical
R-Panel J-Channel 3d
R-Panel Outside Corner
R-Panel Outside Corner technical
R-Panel Outside Corner 3d
R-Panel Rake Trim
R-Panel Rake Trim technical
R-Panel Rake Trim 3d
R-Panel Rat Guard
R-Panel Rat Guard technical
R-Panel Rat Guard 3d
R-Panel Ridge Cap
R-Panel Ridge Cap technical
R-Panel Ridge Cap 3d
R-Panel Sidewall
R-Panel Sidewall technical
R-Panel Sidewall 3d