Does LifeTite Metal sell to the general public or just to contractors?

We sell to everyone.

Can I order over the phone or do I have to come in?

Yes, you may order over the phone Belington (304) 823-3771 / Kenna (304) 786-8012/ Mt. Hope  (304) 877-5702.

Are your metal roofing panels from LifeTite covered by a warranty?

Yes, LifeTite metal roofing panels have a 40 year warranty.

How long will it take to process my order from LifeTite?

If you are picking up your order from the LifeTite manufacturing facility you can typically get it within 24 hours.  If you want your order delivered to an offsite location it will typically take 2-3 days.  LifeTite will deliver your order to the designated location and unload it at the jobsite.

How far away will LifeTite deliver?

LifeTite will deliver anywhere, and our delivery price is very reasonable staring at $25.00 for Belington and $35.00 for Kenna.

How many panel colors does LifeTite Metal Products offer?

LifeTite offers 18 different colors to choose from. Click Here For Color Chart.

Does LifeTite offer any metal roofing other than the 40 year panels?

Yes, LifeTite Metal Products has a wide variety to choose from. We offer a 10 year limited warranty panel, a utility panel, and an interior grade panel. Call Belington (304) 823-3771 / Kenna (304) 786-8012/ Mt. Hope  (304) 877-5702 for more information.

What styles of metal roofing does LifeTite offer?

LifeTite offers the 5 rib standard Panel and architectural standing seam Panel; The 16” o/c standing seam panel is one of our best sellers. With standing seam LifeTite can bring its equipment to your location and run the panels on site. LifeTite also offers many other styles of metal roofing beyond our standard profiles if you are looking for something different.

What is the width of LifeTite metal roofing?

Our standard 5 rib Panel is 36” wide and the architectural standing seam panel is 16” wide.

What are my payment options with LifeTite?

LifeTite accepts: cash, check, or credit/debit cards. When using your credit/debit cards we charge a 3% processing fee.

If I order too much material will LifeTite take it back for a full refund?

We will accept returned materials that are in 100% resalable condition. However, cut to length roof & wall panels are NON-refundable.

Where can I purchase things like metal trim, pipe boots, insulation, adhesives, screws, shears, snips and other items for installation activities?

LifeTite Metal carries most all of materials and equipment to make the installation a positive and worry free process for our customers.

Can I put liner panels on my roof?

No, liner panels are not designed to be exposed to outside elements and they are designed for indoor use only on the interior lining of a building structure.

Can I purchase unpainted metal panels from LifeTite?

Yes, if you are in need of unpainted metal panels LifeTite offers a premium grade galvalume coated metal panel that includes a clear coat top seal.

What are foam closures and do I have to have them?

Foam closures come in a variety of materials; polystyrene, polyurethane, polypropylene and polyethylene and are cut to match the roof panel profile. They have an adhesive on one side that sticks to the panel to minimize movement. Foam closures serve to prevent moisture infiltration between roof panels and flashing & trim materials at; ridge caps, gable ends and walls. Although foam closures are not mandatory they are highly recommended. Foam closures on wall panel systems also serve to keep bugs and wasps from entering the panel ribs and making nests.

Is there a standard size screw that I should use on LifeTite roof panels?

It all depends on the application. But the most common size screw used and purchased from LifeTite is 11/2” in length. LifeTite Metal Products offers a variety of screws for different purposes. The screws also come with painted heads to match panel colors.

Will LifeTite Metal Products install my roof?

No, LifeTite Metal Products is a manufacturing company however we work with many contractors who perform installations.

Are LifeTite representatives available to measure my roof?

No. Measuring and detailing the roof & its components should be completed by a roofing professional or a competent person who has the ability to get on the roof and detail a proper roof drawing for accuracy.

Can LifeTite help me find a contractor in my area?

Yes, we always have a list of preferred contractors that are willing to assist you.

Where can I find more FAQs on metal roofing facts?