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LifeTite Metal Products offers (3) three PREMIUM metal roof panel profiles:

Architectural Standing Seam Metal Roof (SSMR) Panel 1 Inch

Standing Seam Metal Roof Panel

Architectural SSMR Profile - 26 gauge - click image on to enlarge

Architectural Standing Seam Metal Roof (SSMR) Panel 1.5 Inch

Standing Seam 1.5inch


Soffit and Wall Panels – Board & Batten

Structural “R” Metal Roofing & Siding Panel

PBR Panel

Structural “PBR” Profile - 24 or 26 gauge - click image on to enlarge

Classic Ag Metal Roofing & Siding Panel

ag panel

Classic Ag panel Profile - 26 or 29 gauge- click image on to enlarge


  • 40 year Warranty
  • Recommended for 3:12 or greater pitch / slope
  • UL 790 Class A rating
  • UL 2218 Class 4 hail impact resistance
  • UL 580 Class 90 wind uplift rating
  • Lengths cut to customer specifications

Whether your project involves Metal Roofing only, Metal Siding only or both Metal Roofing and Metal Siding LifeTite Metal Products has a diverse selection of Metal Panel Profiles, a large inventory of Standard Trims in a variety of colors, a plethora of Accessories that include: compatible fasteners, flashing boots, sealants, “under-layments”, insulation, closures and most any other component you will need, as well as miscellaneous construction peripheral materials, tools and safety equipment.  Check out our significant stock and inventory selections.  Custom Trims and “Custom Panels can be easily fabricated to handle any complex or non-standard features associated with your project.

Coated Coil Galvalume® Metal Roofing Popularity & Growth

“It's no secret that many homeowners are planning to stay in their homes longer than ever, choosing remodeling over new construction. A report released earlier this year, "The Remodeling Market in Transition," from the remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., concluded "in todays uncertain economic environment, homeowners are likely to focus remodeling spending on projects that improve energy efficiency of homes, generate cost savings and maintain structural integrity."

This is really good news for the metal roofing industry, as our products meet all three of these qualifications. In fact, even in this tough economy, independent McGraw-Hill Construction Research and Analytics data shows the number of residential metal roofs has more than tripled during the past decade, increasing metal's overall U.S. market share from 3 percent to approximately 10 percent.”

Tom Black, Posted 12/21/2012 - Metal Construction News

Life Cycle

The reality of life cycle cost is a very important, in the value-added component, when considering a new metal roof.  Many new studies are finding that metal roofing will have a functional life exceeding 50 years.

Long term Warranties

Premium coated Galvalume® coils used in the roll-forming of metal roof panels come with 40 year warranties; this is a strong indicator of the confidence that the producers have in their products.

Low Maintenance

Metal Roofing typically requires very little maintenance and the roof retains its natural beauty throughout a lifetime.  Metal roofing also often increases a homeowner’s property value and can reduce insurance premiums due to its durable characteristics; resistance to wind damage, fire and hail impalement.


Metal roofing typically outlasts asphalt shingles by 2 ½ to 3 times the life span.  Metal roofing is produced with as much as 50% recycled steel and is 100% recyclable.  No landfill issues or added expense to deal with disposal problems.

Durability, Energy Savings & Natural good looks

“Residential roofing experts report metal roofing is winning converts based upon its durability, fire resistance, energy savings, value, sustainability, endurance and natural good looks.”

LifeTite Metal Products PREMIUM metal roof panels are accompanied by great customer service, short turn-times, expedited on-site delivery and technical assistance.  Give LifeTite a look when considering metal roofing.