The Quality of the Material is the Foundation for a Great Roof System

The installation of metal roof & metal wall systems is very important in attaining an aesthetically pleasing and weather tight project.  However, “the quality of the material is the foundation for a great roof system” and ensures a structurally sound and long lasting functional life.

LifeTite Metal Products uses enhanced, high quality Galvalume® steel produced by world class American steel producers.  We do not roll-form metal panels or trim with inferior, low cost imported steels that may cost less but are deficit in quality and longevity.  The Galvalume® coated coils we use to manufacture metal roofing, siding and trim have premium “Akzo Nobel” coatings that ensure continuity in an array of beautiful colors and lifelong metal components.

The quality of our products is built in at the onset of the manufacturing process and is the foundation for a great metal roofing system that will last a lifetime.  And our long-term warranties are a strong indicator of the confidence we have in the components and assemblies that we deliver to you.