The LifeTite Advantage

LifeTite Metal Products is a leading Regional metal roofing, siding & trim accessory manufacturer serving West Virginia, north-western Maryland, western Virginia, south-western Pennsylvania, eastern Kentucky and south-eastern Ohio.

LifeTite’s manufacturing plants located in Kenna, WV, Belington, WV, and Mt. Hope, WV enlist state of the art roll-forming equipment and automated fabrication bending machines to produce precision metal components for construction industry contractors and building homeowners. LifeTite Metal Products is proud to be a certified Energy Star Partner.

energy star partner

In our quest to deliver a variety of: corrugated metal roofing & siding products and trim & accessories; exhibiting exceptional quality, timely delivery systems and competitive, value-added services; LifeTite has strategically aligned itself with like-minded suppliers.  Such relationships have produced equipment precision & longevity, effectuated exceptionally high quality painted coils, facilitated timely deliveries, established swift technical support and inspired outstanding customer service.  Each of these value added characteristics, in turn, has enabled LifeTite Metal Products to deliver premium metal building materials to each and every customer.

LifeTite’s success since its early inception has been predicated upon (3) guiding and fundamental principles that are constant and are a great advantage to our customers.

1. Manufacture the highest quality metal roofing, siding & trim using high-tech roll-forming equipment and partner with world class suppliers who help LifeTite produce products with:

  • Durability & integrity
  • Longevity & weather-ability
  • Sustainability & Energy Star compliance
  • Aesthetically pleasing variety of profiles and colors

2. Deliver metal roofing, siding and trim components to our customers in the most efficient, cost effective and timely manner:

  • 72 hour order turn time with delivery to job site
  • 24 hr. turnaround time on customer pick up orders
  • Same day “emergency delivery” of “in stock” items on a case by case basis and availability of drivers

3. Customer service and technical support to everyone at anytime with a smile:

  • Walk-in plant visits
  • Assistance with routine or complex metal roofing & siding questions
  • Sole source supplier of all accessories, tools and materials for any project


“LifeTite Metal Products has an unrelenting passion for pleasing its customers”


The LifeTite Regional Advantage for customers

Many large metal roll-forming entities have manufacturing facilities about the country.  However, their ability to match LifeTite’s unsurpassed delivery and customer service attributes is greatly diminished due to the lack of proximity to the region LifeTite serves.

Most of the high profile national metal roofing and siding manufacturers produce quality products with a good variety of colors and profiles.  But if a customer is outside the regional range of the plant they become reliant upon the availability of specific and limited metal components carried by box stores or must wait for the next delivery truck to make its way to a territory, sometimes weeks later.

At LifeTite we know firsthand of the importance, and often the urgency, placed upon contractors to complete their projects in a satisfactory time frame and on schedule to keep clients happy.

LifeTite also understands that some projects may encounter material “take-off” shortages or may incur component installation related damage.  These unforeseen circumstances can have adverse ramifications that may affect:

  • Closing schedules
  • Timely payments
  • Delayed habitation
  • Code deficiencies, etc.

When the unexpected occurs this is where LifeTite shines most brilliantly.  We anticipate and our prepared staff & associates go to work to respond in and effective manner that most often exceeds our customer’s expectations.

LifeTite Metal Products does not wait for a backlog of dispersed orders to accumulate for loading onto a tractor trailer that will range far and wide over a lengthy period of time.  LifeTite uses in-house “hot-shot” delivery service methods that eliminates long lead times and ensures quick, reliable turn times for routine, urgent and emergency orders.

The LifeTite Advantage in prompt and expedited delivery service also includes custom fabrications that would normally create lengthy delays.  We are continually cognizant and fully understand that time is precious, usually of the essence, and paramount to our clients and the end user.

LifeTite Metal Products successful growth in market share is the result of patient and persistent communication with the customer and the implementation of processes and prudent decision-making to make their experience exceptional.