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“It's no secret that many homeowners are planning to stay in their homes longer than ever, choosing remodeling over new construction.”…Therefore “homeowners are likely to focus remodeling spending on projects that improve energy efficiency of homes, generate cost savings and maintain structural integrity." “In fact, even in this tough economy, independent McGraw-Hill Construction Research and Analytics data shows the number of residential metal roofs has more than tripled during the past decade, increasing metal's overall U.S. market share from 3 percent to approximately 10 percent.” Tom Black, Posted 12/21/2012- Metal Construction News

“In conclusion, the data from this project support the proposition that a Galvalume® SSR system could be installed today on new or retrofit low-slope roof systems in a wide range of environments and not require replacement during the building’s entire service life. Of course, proper roof inspections and maintenance associated with roof ancillaries would still be required, as they are with any other roof system. But the projected service lives demonstrated in this study clearly demonstrate the sustainable benefits of using Galvalume®-coated steel roof panels for new and retrofit applications.” AR+W Fall 2013 – Galvalume SSR Panels - by Ron Dutton

Typically, low slope metal roof systems vary in weight from 40 to 135 pounds per 100 square feet, making them among the lightest roofing products and the easiest to install. A lightweight roofing system also places fewer demands on a building’s structural support system, an important consideration in earthquake-prone areas.  …because of their interlocking or active fastening systems, metal roof panels are designed to meet the requirements of ASTM E1592, UL 580, UL1897 and other severe wind and uplift tests.